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The international Trend & Tendance Showroom was founded in March 2006, in Paris by Ludmila Mikhailova. Situated in the Golden Triangle, this place is dedicated to the world of creation, and provides dialog between professionals of the sector.

It is not only creativity that prevail this devoted place but also all components that bring a project to its success: production, communication, finance, and strategy….Trend & Tendance showroom’s is packed with devotion and thereby  it enable to make available all the necessary skills for a brand success.

Our international showroom, a commercial structure as well as an educational and informational center is an intersection of fashion currents from all over the world and an incontrovertible link for young designers between France, CIS countries and the rest of the world.

Due to the large experience of work on French and East European markets, we have a deep knowledge of doing business in fashion world and we work in both directions. Thereby Trend & Tendance offers all its know-how and professionalism towards young designers or fashion society that are willing to see their creation progress in France and Abroad.

On the one hand, we propose to our West European clients the most precise and detailed information on how to launch and drive their business on East European market. On the other hand the young designers who work with our agency receive all our support and consultation in their commercial development and promotion in the very competitive European fashion world. The deep knowledge of the both markets, fashion calendars, future trends gives our clients all the skills that are necessary to adapt to the changes of the fashion world at the era of its globalization and the possibility to be supervised during each step of their development.

Thus, Trend & Tendance suggest and provides towards designers an impeccable service, a professional knowledge and an adapted branding.

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